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Men's Health

Men! Heres the place to discover information on Prostate cancer and natural ways to treat impotence. Youll see free advice and other health secrets regarding enlarged prostate, trouble with your prostate gland, impotence, erection problems, lowered libido, plus natural alternatives to Viagra

How a creaking floorboard signals this health problem
6th September 2009

* The Indian herb that prevents those nightly trips to the toilet * Put the kettle on to protect yourself from cancer * Is this the best all round natural prostate protector? Over the years, me and my friend Gary have shared a lot of things... Years of slavish devotion to a band called 999... A love of cider... Dancing to Bing Crosby (don't ask)... The list goes on and on. But ever since we hit our forties, there's something else tha ..

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If you're over 40 and male, read this right now...
30th August 2009

# Why expensive health checkups could be dangerous # If you're over 40 and male, read this right now... ..

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Over 40? Then read this now...
8th May 2009

• The problem facing every man over 40... • Why Peruvian women never get hot flushes I think it's started, and there's nothing I can do about it... First of all, I'm sorely tempted to bid for a car on eBay. But not any old car... This car is a two-door, soft-top, super-attractive sports car that's totally in appropriate for family life. Yet I can already picture myself sitting behind the wheel, looking ten years younger. Then last wee ..

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Prostate disease, Soy and the Western/Eastern diet
22nd July 2007

As much as I love to share stories and jokes with you, I'm going to cut right to the chase today. Because this is IMPORTANT... You really need to read this amazing piece about how and why our western diet is causing the cases of prostate cancer to skyrocket. It reveals why Asian countries don't have the same rates of prostate disease... and suggests that it could come down to one simple difference in our diet. I've got kind permission to rep ..

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Men! Are you the one in ten?
5th November 2006

They say that impotence affects one in ten men in the UK. This is a shockingly high figure…. 23 million sufferers… but it gets worse when you think about it. Because surely this also affects women? I mean, shall we say, “It takes two to tango”. Considering it's such a huge health problem, I was surprised to check back over my old Good Life Letters and see that I hadn't dedicated one to this issue. So I thought I'd cover almost every angle o ..

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Why there's fuss over pomegranates
7th July 2006

There's no nonsense today. No silly jokes or strange stories. (Big 'aaahhhhhhhh' from the crowd.) Instead, I'm going to get straight down to business and deal with my evergrowing email inbox. As you know, I can't give out one-to-one advice, but I can certainly publish my findings in these letters. So here goes… --------------------------- The fuss over pomegranates --------------------------- One Good Lifer write: “Can you please tell me ..

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The perils of HRT
19th May, 2006

I've been wrong all along. Who really needs food, vitamins and a healthy lifestyle anyway? Come on, people, this is the 21st Century. It's all about inventing wondrous drugs! You can take the purple one for being too fat, the green one for being too thin, the red one for lacking energy in bed, and the yellow one for jumpy legs. Yes, they're synthetic. Yes, they're expensive. And yes they have sideeffects. But we all have many awful disease ..

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The Homer Simpson way to save lives
16th September 2005

You might think it's only ladies who shout 'YES! YES! YES!' when they experience a new hair product in the shower... But at 9.40 a.m. on September 10th I did exactly the same thing in a crowded cafe in Bristol. All right, not EXACTLY the same thing. I wasn't washing my hair, I was reading a paper. But when I came across the information I'm about to share with you now, I let out an embarrassing whoop... ------------------------------ The kind ..

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Men! This is important
26 September 2005

I was shocked when I found out... Could it be that prostate cancer will be the most common cause of cancerrelated death by 2010? You'd think there would be more of brouhaha in the press about this... that The Daily Mail would be screaming: WARNING TO ALL MEN! DANGER! EPIDEMIC AHEAD! PLEASE READ IMMEDIATELY! But strangely, the papers will go on and on about obesity and other big news stories... like Kate Moss' social life... but not the bigges ..

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Why pressing your belly button could fire you up
14th October 2005

I don't know if this is a sign of things to come... But I've been staring blankly at the screen for the past hour trying to get today's letter started. Lara's even hoovered round me like I'm a piece of old furniture. 'Maybe you should just take me to the junk shop down the road,' I said, 'You might get a fiver for me.' 'Yes,' she agreed, 'but that's only because you have £4.50 in your pocket.' Anyway, to kickstart my brain, I've just followe ..

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