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Liver and Kidney

Heres the page to discover the latest natural health remedies for liver and kidney problems, including Kidney failure, Kidney paid, kidney stones, kidney disease, kidney infection, kidney cancer, liver failure, liver disease, liver cancer, and cirrhosis of the liver. Plus free research and new ideas the papers wont tell you about.

How this common garden weed cleans your liver
17th May 2009

• How this common weed could soothe muscle and joint aches... • ... clean your liver, ease urinary problems, dissolve gallstones... • ...rid you of warts and verrucas • ...help protect you from strokes, and control your blood pressure I'm not much of a gardener. Once, when I was younger, I planted a pot with herb seeds and stuck it in the garden. After a few weeks I was pleased to see my herbs flourishing. I kept watering the pot and wat ..

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The hidden danger of Christmas...
14th December 2007

Apologies for the late arrival of today's letter, but I became a victim last night...another statistic of this festive season. I ache all over, my head's pounding, I feel nauseous and can barely speak. No I haven't succumbed to a bout of manflu. Instead I've fallen foul of a far more dangerous threat at this time of year... the Christmas party. I went to my first one of the season last night, thrown by a publishers in Bath. And boy did I hur ..

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A grim warning about soft drinks
12th October 2007

Remember a week ago I told you all about my newfound love of Rooibos tea? You know, the herbal remedy from South Africa that is anti allergic, antimutagenic, antispasmodic, antibacterial, anti aging and antiviral. Yes, that's a LOT of 'antis'. More antis than you'd get at a family wedding trying to dance with the best man and gossiping about the uncles. Har, har. Anyway, I still recommend you get some from your local health store, online ..

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Nature's best liver protector
5th June 2006

I wonder who coined the phrase 'boys will be boys'? Because I'd like to meet them and tell them it just doesn't work when you've left the garden in a right royal mess after half finishing a new fence. Well, it doesn't work with Lara anyway. Because I've just tried it out on her, and all I got back was a steely gaze and an exasperated sigh. Ahhh... how quickly things change. On Saturday I was an all-conquering hero, triumphantly returning f ..

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Is this old-fashioned illness creeping up on you?
28th July 2006

I feel like I ought to write today's letter in Old English… Sorry, Ye Olde English… Because a surprising number of Good Lifers have written in about gout. That's right - gout. That staple of black and white comedies. In fact, one of my favourite Laurel & Hardy films is based around one of the boys' uncles getting his goutridden foot trodden on, slammed in car doors, and attacked by a dog… Hilarious. So for years, if I heard about anyon ..

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Important things to know about gout
9th June, 2006

Back in 1628, a hot-tempered physician called William Harvey was having problems. First off, nobody believed his ridiculous theory that the heart acted like a pump, circulating blood round the body. I suppose the medical establishment of the time declared there was 'no official proof' yet, so it COULDN'T be true. He was probably seen as an alternative medicine quack and ridiculed by the local town crier. Little has changed, eh? The second ..

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St Ray vs the Lilly Livered Dragon
St Georges Day, 2006

Being Welsh, I wouldn't normally flag up St. George's Day. But my wife is English. And my kids are half English. So they started a campaign to make me mention it. Then Lara said that I should see myself as a kind of George figure, fighting the dragon of ill health and misinformation. Even though she was blatantly massaging my ego, that clinched it for me. That's why today's letter is called: 'Saint Ray of Bristol vs. the Lilly Livered Drag ..

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The sugar threat to your kidneys
26th March 2006

I think you'll be interested in this. I came across this letter while I was researching and thought it perfect to print a section. Enjoy! ********************************************************** THE WAY WE LIVE IS DESTROYING OUR KIDNEYS By John Lloyd Beer. Coffee. Cola. Most of us drink one or more of these popular beverages every day. What harm can it do? Plenty that's what I've recently discovered by speaking to three people who have bi ..

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