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Immune System

Discover natural ways to boost your immune system as protection against MRSA, Super bugs, poor hospital hygiene, flu and colds. Plus ways to protect against the causes of diabetes and diabetes symptoms.

The hidden threat that's right outside your house...
2nd October 2009

* The hidden threat that's right outside your house... * The worst pick 'n' mix in the world * Need a little extra help...? ..

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Three things to protect your health this winter
14th December 2008

* If you haven't got this in your house this winter, you should get one NOW and protect your whole family * The boozy way to better health I've just discovered ANOTHER great way to lose weight and keep trim? Ranting. After Friday's letter, where I took my frustrations at never having been picked to captain the Welsh rugby team out on the fast food industry, I went for a little swim. And I MEAN little. Just changing into my trunks has me le ..

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I don't know whether to laugh or cry about this...
7th August 2009

* Junk food disguised as health food * A confession we should all listen to... * 3 ways to prevent bad skin... ..

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Is this new rule good or bad
31st July 2009

* Why this 'healthy' coffee is bad for you * Why decaf is unhealthier * Another warning on this high street menace Do you think the following is a good idea...? The government wants to make your chocolate bars smaller. Notice the way I say 'your' chocolate bars, like I wouldn't know what to do with a Twix if I was handed one. Smoke it? Stick it behind my ears? Who knows? Anyway, the plan is to force chocolate manufacturers to reduce th ..

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The box that can keep you cold-free this Christmas
7th December 2008

Yo ho ho... I feel like Santa today, because I've got a REAL treat for you that I think you're going to love. In fact if I thought I could fit down your chimney I'd deliver this in person, because I think EVERY household could do with this during the Winter period especially Christmas when we're mixing with so many people. In fact, I've ordered one of these myself, because I can already feel I need protecting from something that practically ev ..

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The muffin that fights cancer
24th July 2009

* The muffin that fights cancer * How to ease the symptoms of Crohn's disease, depression and the menopause * The detox remedy you can sprinkle on salad * The ULTIMATE way to get your flax 'The muffin that fights cancer?' you gasp. 'What on earth is Collins on about now?' But don't just take my humble word for it. This was published in the American Institute for Cancer Research Newsletter back in 1998. The journal refers to a remarkabl ..

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Quick, raw honey is back, first come, first served
15th July 2009

* At last, Green Bay's amazing raw manuka honey with propolis and bee pollen is here! * Limited stock first come first served * Same price as last time but the jars are bigger ..

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How you can 'wear' the healing powers of ionotherapy
12th July 2009

How you can 'wear' the healing powers of ionotherapy, and tackle dozens of ailments at once Ionic Bracelet Can all these people be wrong? The right way and the wrong way to beat these ailments... Important PS! Yesterday I visited my dear old mum and dad down in deepest, darkest Croydon. And after 5 minutes, something struck me... How slowly my mum was moving. I mean, you should have seen her struggling to carry all my bags into ..

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How tucking your trousers into your socks can prevent illness
3rd July 2009

How we can eat better through 'wrong' foods How tucking your trousers into your socks can prevent illness ..

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Why you should say 'NO' to this media stunt
28th November 2008

Newspapers cry 'REVOLUTION' But beware this hidden agenda... Why big business is being handed the power to tell you what to eat and how you can fight it Have you heard the news? There's going to be a revolution. Seriously. I kid you not. I read about it in The Mirror. It's going to change everybody's way of living! Or maybe not... See, it was the Health Secretary, Alan Johnson who announced this 'lifestyle revolution' on the 11th of ..

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