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Discover how a curry and 73 other remarkable foods could help you stay off prescription drugs

I almost spat out my morning coffee when I saw this on the BBC

The headline read: Curry spice ‘kills cancer cells’

I wasn’t shocked about the amazing claim. In fact, I already knew
this to be true. What shocked me was that the media was finally
treating this discovery as real ‘news’.

Anyone who’d read my natural health newsletter would have known
about this life changing information years ago.

My name is Ray Collins. I’m the author of The Lemon Book and the
Honey, Garlic and Vinegar Miracle. But this is by far my most
powerful and urgent book yet.

I wrote this as a response to the many emails I get from readers
desperate for a natural alternative to prescription drugs. These
drugs can cause horrible side effects … vomiting, bleeding,
headaches, fatigue, mood swings among others.

In The Spice Healer I’ll show you how a curry and 73 other
remarkable foods could help you stay off often harmful
prescription drugs. You’ll discover…

  • The vitamin that ‘switches on’ your flu immunity.

  • When NEVER to take antibiotics

  • The natural ingredient that works as well as a Cox-inhibitor

  • How to ‘switch on’ your body’s own defence against microbial

  • The garden weed that cleans your liver.

  • The tea that prevents blood clots

Plus MANY MORE amazing natural health secrets the
pharmaceutical companies would hate you to know about

To order your copy of The Spice Healer


As you’ll discover in The Spice Healer, there are ordinary foods,
easily available in your supermarket or health food shop which
offer powerful solutions to your everyday health problems. They
can help ease pain, fight infection, recover from illness, prevent
major disease and help solve ailments like impotence, hormone
imbalance, low libido and energy.

In The Spice Healer I’ve packed in not only useful information but
over 30 fantastic recipes for you to try. I’ll show you curries
that heal, fragrant stews, breads, garden weed teas and even
homemade pizza.

My hope is that this book will help you seek out alternatives to a
host of health problems!

I’ll reveal:

  • The spice that stops a heart attack. This extract has the power to increase blood circulation and stimulate the heart. I fact, it has been shown to stop a heart attack in 30 seconds.
    I’ll give you the lowdown.

  • The muffin that fights cancer

  • The fruit that relieves asthma

  • The pizza topping that could help protect you from skin cancer

  • The juice that boosts stamina

  • How to prevent a blood clot with tea and a jam sandwich

  • The fish that helps prevent heart attacks

This has everything... from specific diet steps, to instant
remedies, to incredible recipes, to advice the doctors NEVER tell
you... and it's only about simple ingredients found in any kitchen

But rather than spoil the story for you, go and take a look at


I've set out the whole amazing tale on this webpage, which is
worth a read on its own.

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