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Ray's Favourite Remedies

Ray's Favourites

Could this natural breakthrough put an end to your back pain?

Do you (or someone you know) suffer from back pain...? I don't mean any other sort of pain...joint pain or neck pain or shoulder pain just won't do. I specifically mean BACK pain. If you do, then today's letter might just be the most important thing you'll read all year. That's what I'm hoping at least. Because I think I've found something that could really end back pain for good. Not just mask the pain or cover up the symptoms - but s ..

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An end to your breathing problems?

It was only a matter of time... Finally, I am able to unleash my full Welsh-ness (or Welsh-ocity) and recommend a health treatment worthy of my native land. Because did you know that going down a MINE can be good for you? No? Well, if you suffer from asthma, bronchitis, hay fever and breathing difficulties associated with allergies, you're going to love this... The Eastern European mines that heal your lungs For many years, peo ..

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The gel that keeps your joints supple

Artrosilium is a silicon gel used to treat arthritis and rheumatism. And apparently, it's very effective indeed. First, I'll explain how a gel can help your joints... When you have supply, strong cartilage at the ends of your bones, they can rub against each other without causing damage. But to keep regenerating this cartilage, your body needs silicon. As you get older, the more difficult it becomes for your body to absorb silicon, which mean ..

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