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Heart & Lungs

Read about the latest information on heart disease, lung cancer and asthma. This includes natural ways to help fight the root causes of heart disease, heart failure, heart attack, angina, blocked arteries, hardened arteries, lung disease, cancer, breathing difficulties, coughs, asthma, and hay fever.

The smelly food that beats expensive heart and blood drugs
4th January 2009

* The smelly food that can lower blood pressure new research results revealed * The new type of tomato that fights cancer? * Why I'm not convinced by this latest Frankenstein 'superfood' Those naysayers who dislike alternative health and natural therapies... They especially love to hate supplements. Many claim that vitamin tablets are 'useless'. That taking extra minerals to boost your health is a 'waste of money'. Almost every week there's ..

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I don't know whether to laugh or cry about this...
7th August 2009

* Junk food disguised as health food * A confession we should all listen to... * 3 ways to prevent bad skin... ..

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Is this new rule good or bad
31st July 2009

* Why this 'healthy' coffee is bad for you * Why decaf is unhealthier * Another warning on this high street menace Do you think the following is a good idea...? The government wants to make your chocolate bars smaller. Notice the way I say 'your' chocolate bars, like I wouldn't know what to do with a Twix if I was handed one. Smoke it? Stick it behind my ears? Who knows? Anyway, the plan is to force chocolate manufacturers to reduce th ..

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The fruit that switches on your heart disease protection
19th June 2009

Amazing NEW information about heart disease the fruit that 'turns on' your protective proteins FREE lemon recipes to try at home, click here to see more: Lemon Recipes Ladies! Cure your hot flushes.... Men! Fight prostate cancer... all with the SAME herb Ever heard of The French Paradox? No, it's not a thriller by Robert Ludlum. Or a film starring Gene Hackman. It's a phenomenon described in 1992 by Dr. Serge Renaud, a scientist from ..

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The surprising threat to our hearts
12th June 2009

A new breakthrough in the fight against heart attacks 5 ways to help your body beat inflammation At about seven o'clock this morning, the phone lines in Bristol were probably jammed with people calling the police to say they'd just heard three loud gunshots. Well, I hope I don't get arrested for wasting police time, but that was just me sneezing. Seriously, my sneezes were so loud a light went on in the house across the road. And I swear ..

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How to beat metabolic syndrome and hot flushes
5th June 2009

The link between sunshine and metabolic syndrome A natural way to cut your risk of heart disease and diabetes How to cure hot flushes If you can ignore the relentless misery spewing from the radio and TV... Or put aside the bellowing EVERYTHING IS DOOMED newspaper headlines... and forget about global warming and war and swine flu and politicians' expenses... Then there was a lot to be happy about in the past week... thanks to a dose ..

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The drink that harms women...
9th November 2008

The hidden risk of a fizzy drink Why this health problem could rocket in 2009... The freezing herb that could beat stress It's not often I shout 'Look out Lara, your life's in danger!' when she walks into a newsagent. In fact, I've never done it. And not just because I'm too busy deciding between a Wispa and a Double Decker. But maybe I SHOULD think about protecting Lara a little more, because there's something lurking in newsagents, s ..

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Is hypokalaemia lurking in your fridge...?
29th May 2009

If you're still drinking cola after this, I'd be amazed... The hidden danger of disco dancing There are some things you know just aren't right for you... Processed foods, foods with loads of additives, Westlife... You just sense, instinctively, that all these things will do you no good. And if you have too much of any of them, they could actually do you harm. All right, maybe Westlife wouldn't do you harm. But too much of them and you c ..

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The hidden health threat of going shopping
18th April 2008

Well, it's started... This morning I woke up, pulled back the curtains, and greeted the day with a 6sneeze salute. The poor sparrows outside out window probably thought someone was taking shots at them. Still, they'd better get used to it, because my sneezing routine is pretty much a permanent fixture every morning during the summer months. Of course, now that I have my Salt Pipe, I'm convinced my hay fever is going to disappear almo ..

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The 'Inuit way' to lower your risk heart attack risk
11th April 2008

When I read this article last month, I tore it out of the paper with glee. I meant to tell you about it immediately... But with all the recent sausagebased cancer hysteria igniting my fury, I put it on the backburner 'til today. By the way, my 'backburner' is not a new exercise machine, but a very large pile of newspaper cutting, magazine articles and reports which sits under my desk. I eventually do get round to passing on this infor ..

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