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Stomach and Bowel

Heres where you can read about natural remedies for stomach and bowel problems, including: irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), bowel cancer, gall bladder, gall stones, bladder problems, incontinence, bladder cancer, bladder stones, bladder infections, weak bladder, stomach cancer, stomach ulcer, and stomach pain.

Three things to protect your health this winter
14th December 2008

* If you haven't got this in your house this winter, you should get one NOW and protect your whole family * The boozy way to better health I've just discovered ANOTHER great way to lose weight and keep trim? Ranting. After Friday's letter, where I took my frustrations at never having been picked to captain the Welsh rugby team out on the fast food industry, I went for a little swim. And I MEAN little. Just changing into my trunks has me le ..

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The slippery way to treat stomach ache...
5th December 2008

* The slippery way to treat stomach ache... * Want a Porsche? Then join the NHS ..

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The drink that harms women...
9th November 2008

The hidden risk of a fizzy drink Why this health problem could rocket in 2009... The freezing herb that could beat stress It's not often I shout 'Look out Lara, your life's in danger!' when she walks into a newsagent. In fact, I've never done it. And not just because I'm too busy deciding between a Wispa and a Double Decker. But maybe I SHOULD think about protecting Lara a little more, because there's something lurking in newsagents, s ..

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How a hot dog can kill off dangerous bugs
7th November 2008

* How a hot dog can kill off dangerous bugs * Why scientists get my goat * How the nation's favourite food could keep your brain alive! The Health and Safety Nazis would have had a field day if they'd seen me on Wednesday night... There's a park at the end of our road that's used a lot by the local community... picnics, kickarounds, sunbathing (on the 3 days of summer we get)... you name it, it happens. And Wednesday being bonfire night, a f ..

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Evil sausage goes on rampage - millions dead
6th April 2008

Here we go again. The madness is upon us once more. 'Run for your lives! The evil sausage is coming for us all!' Yes, if you're an avid reader of The Good Life, then you know what I'm going to talk about. I last ranted about this in November 2007. If you're scratching your head, check out this past letter, which is available online: Good Life Letter SHOCK! Meat causes cancer! I was on a visit to London on Monday. I've been trying t ..

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Why nutritionists get it wrong about these 'evil foods'
4th April 2008

My mate John laughed when he read my Good Life Letter last Sunday ('The Best Way to Shift Stubborn and Dangerous Fat'). 'Hey Ray', he roared down the phone (I think he was drunk). 'I've just read your latest missive. You're busted, mate. I know your secret.' 'What's that then?' I sighed My friends often read my emails and pick me up on things I say... often ridiculing me for being a 'health nut', 'information junkie' or 'food obsessi ..

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Why medical screening is dangerous
21st March 2008

As you know, I'm not one of those 'holier than thou' health nuts. When it comes to food, I think life is about having a bit of what you fancy. No point in spending our days beating ourselves up about our indulgences, or panicking about everything we eat. Otherwise you live a life of guilt. Unhappy, stressed... and therefore UNHEALTHY. You know what I mean? As you sidle into the kitchen, pretending that you're only there to make a herbal ..

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Herbs for IBS, acid reflux and hair loss
7th March 2008

My letter from last Friday ('Why The Beeb Banned Complimentary Medicine') caused quite a stir! This came as no surprise to my wife.... who often slaps her head in exasperation as I rant about 'natural health' opinions at parties, dinners, shop queues and parents' day meetings. 'Do we NEED to go through this now, Ray?' she says, as we sit at the back of the funeral service. Anyway, the issue of the BBC removing good information on alterna ..

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Why meat is cancer
2nd November 2007

On Monday it was World Psoriasis Day... I was going to write all about it, with some good information on how some experts believe vitamin D could help you cope with the problem. But I'm going to hold fire until next week. Because on Wednesday something happened that almost caused me to blow a gasket. (Warning: the following are my strong personal opinions, and sorry if they offend. But I believe this is a bit of common sense you won't r ..

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Natural whole foods to protect your health
24th August 2007

Something strange happened in the Collins household this morning... As I sat down to breakfast and unfolded my paper, the family braced themselves for my usual tirade round a mouthful of cornflakes. The kids got ready to pat me on the back and hand me a glass of water, while Lara stood in the background, ready to dial 999. But instead of reading something that drove me mad, I read something that I found really interesting. In fact, it even mad ..

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