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Weight Loss

Discover the truth about diets, diet pills, diet plans, low carb diets and low fat diets, including Atkins, Montignac, the latest celebrity diets and the South Beach diet. Plus new natural weights to lose weight quickly and easil, avoid weight gain, rid yourself of cellulite, and stay slim for longer.

Chocolate Wars and the hidden agenda of food corporations
9th August 2009

* Is there a hidden agenda behind the latest chocolate scare stories? * Revealed! The Darwinian snack hunter evolution theory * Good chocolate vs bad. Good salt vs bad. And other revelations... ..

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Why this 'wonder pill' is a suicide risk
23rd November 2008

Revealing the weight loss drug that causes depression The Willy Wonka danger of Big Pharmaceuticals How to slim safely At the end of last month there was bad news for dieters. Safety chiefs withdrew a weight loss drug called Acomplia. Their concern was that this slimming 'wonder pill' was linked to suicide and sudden death. A report in The Lancet found there was a 40% higher chance of being harmed by 'adverse events or serious adverse ..

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Who else would like to lose 6lbs in 4 weeks?
22nd December 2008

Could you lose 6lbs in 4 weeks without starving yourself or giving up good food? Introducing a NEW weightloss formula Dr Michael Sutherland reveals a natural way to control blood pressure, reduce hunger pangs and lose weight faster. Click here to see: HGV FORMULA For a definition of the word 'hectic' take a look in the dictionary. There you won't see any words. Oh, no. Not on your nelly. Instead of words, you'll see a picture of me w ..

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The health food that has more sugar than ice cream
22nd May 2009

Exposed, the 'healthy' food that has more sugar than ice cream Sugary cereals named and shamed How to eat a healthy breakfast As you know, my ethos is 'a little bit of what you fancy can do you good'. I never wanted these letters to become preachy or full of guiltinducing fingerwagging lectures. In my view, the good life isn't about depriving yourself of absolutely everything that the newspapers suddenly decide is 'bad for you.' And ..

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13th March

www.theworkouts.com Free online workout routines, workout plans, home workouts, workout excercises, weight lifting, body building, weight loss, fat loss and how to add lean muscle mass. ..

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How to lose weight at a sugary, high-carb dinner party
29th June

On Friday I talked about the problem with fad diets... How simply cutting out a whole food group... starving and depriving yourself... or yoyo dieting can be worse for your health than staying overweight. (If you didn't see that letter, it's on my website now, just go to www.goodlifeletter.co.uk ) Anyway, I also talked about Ruth Searle, the creator of Slim While You Sleep. She's put together a programme that tackles the root causes of ..

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New breakthrough - how you could slim while you sleep
27th June 2008

If you saw the subject line of today's email and thought: 'Eh? What? Slim while you sleep? Can Ray be SERIOUS?' Then I completely understand. The idea of losing weight while you sleep is like something out of a science fiction film. You know.... the kind of film where Tom Cruise, Will Smith or Harrison Ford end up running from robots in a world where humans live like crazed savages. But this isn't to do with a futuristic wonder pill ..

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How celery can help you sleep
9th June 2008

On the 23rd of May I wrote you a Good Life Letter about celery ('the Diet Food that Helps Alzheimer's'). If you didn't get it, then take a look on the website here Now, while I'm about to recommend celery AGAIN.... but this time for blood pressure, insomnia and even weight loss... let me make something clear. Please don't think that I'm a merciless 'celery pushing' maniac Yes, I'm getting into celery as a home remedy... But you won't ..

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This instant salad dressing could help you lose weight
1st June 2008

Did you read Friday's Good life Letter? If so, you'd have heard me waxing lyrical about an amazing wonder honey from New Zealand. (Or 'beeswaxing' lyrical, perhaps?) This unique wild honey can treat MRSA, indigestion and ulcers... ease your digestion.... treat wounds and cuts naturally and quickly... and even treat skin problems. If you didn't read my letter, it's called 'manuka honey' and seriously you should give it a try. Take a l ..

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Why nutritionists get it wrong about these 'evil foods'
4th April 2008

My mate John laughed when he read my Good Life Letter last Sunday ('The Best Way to Shift Stubborn and Dangerous Fat'). 'Hey Ray', he roared down the phone (I think he was drunk). 'I've just read your latest missive. You're busted, mate. I know your secret.' 'What's that then?' I sighed My friends often read my emails and pick me up on things I say... often ridiculing me for being a 'health nut', 'information junkie' or 'food obsessi ..

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