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Heres the place to find natural ways to help prevent illness, including dementia, Alzheimers, memory loss, depression, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and headaches, including natural headache relief.

We have moved to a new site
12th October 2010

Welcome to the Good Life Letter. Like so many things in life, changes have had to be made. I have upgraded the technology that I use online which makes me sound like some internet guru, but to be honest I'm only doing what I'm told by my webmaster. As a result, you can get the full, pyrotechic, all singing web experience at my new site www.goodlifeletter.com which has all of my latest letters and a range of my favourite products and books to buy ..

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Why the colour of your curry is linked to cancer, arthritis, Alzhe
9th October 2009

* Why the yellow colour of curry is so important for your health * How this spice could protect you from Alzheimer's and breast cancer * Revealed, the natural antiinflammatory that's as good as Cox2 inhibitors ..

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How to protect your memory with a keyboard
4th October 2009

# The threat that grows with age... # The vital key to protecting your mind # How to create a buffer against Alzheimer's, dementia, and age related memory loss # How to protect your memory with a keyboard I found a set of teeth down the bottom of the garden yesterday... And it didn't take too long to find out who they belonged to when the screaming started in the house... I went into the kitchen to see my Dad chasing my children round the k ..

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Are you suffering from these 5 warning signs?
2nd January 2009

* Do you have these 5 warning symptoms? * Discover if you have a zinc deficiency * At last, an easy, natural way to protect yourself from pneumonia, blood clots, hair loss and agerelated loss of vision. HAPPY NEW YEAR! It's 2009... can you believe it? As a young boy I imagined that by the year 2009 we'd be jet-packing to each other's space pods to enjoy pill-based dinners while watching hologram epics on 50 foot sky-screens. Instead we ha ..

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What this Chinese man ate to stay alive for 256 years
20th September 2009

* How a lemon could help you ease kidney pain * An easy way to take your garlic medicine try this: Garlic Cure * Discover what this Chinese herbalist ate for 256 years to keep himself alive and well. ..

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15 quick cures for this common Christmas problem
21st December 2008

At this time of year I usually do my 'best of' selection. I seek out my favourite natural health tips from a year's worth of Good Life Letters and compile them into a festive issue. But this year I'm doing it slightly differently. What with the constantly depressing financial news... doom and gloom in the press... reminders of economic disaster, economic mismanagement, scandal and recession... I'm worried that my merry band of readers could be ..

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Discover whether you really need this B12 injection
11th September 2009

* The latest celebrity health fad do you really need this injection? * Revealed! The scary vegetable that keeps you going 16% longer! * How to make your own homemade energy boost Where would we be without the rich and famous? They're not content with singing, dancing, battling aliens, eating maggots in the jungle, falling out of taxis, jumping on Oprah's sofa, buying African children, bankrolling The Priory and marrying each other... divorcin ..

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Do you suffer from this late night threat?
4th September 2009

* Do you suffer from this late night threat? * The snacks that are GOOD to have * Natural ways to quell cravings for your food and cigarette vices ..

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The lie that killing our children…
12th December 2008

* Why it's up to us to help our children stay healthy? * The 'food lie' that's as bad as anything the tobacco industry ever came up with? * Good snack, bad snack? ..

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How salt could reverse these false symptoms of old age
26th July 2009

* Why too LITTLE salt could be bad for you * How sodium could rid you of the 'symptoms of old age' * 3 tips on how to get enough salt I was cooking for some friends on Friday night... No, I don't mean the flax muffins I mentioned in the last Good Life Letter. That's my food project for NEXT weekend. Among the many 'to do' tasks my wife has stapled to my forehead. For my friends' delight, I was rustling up monkfish with lemon mayonnaise. O ..

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