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What NEVER to eat if you suffer from allergies or asthma

2nd November 2009

* Why wait FOUR years for this new
asthma drug to be released when
you can try this NOW?

* The common food that helps you
breathe more easily

* What NEVER to eat if you're
asthmatic or suffer from allergies

This autumn, there was good news and
bad news for asthma sufferers

he good news a new wonder
compound called 'RPL554' (catchy!) is
being tested in The Netherlands. It could
mean that sufferers only have to take a
single daily puff of an inhaler to stop the

The bad news it's not exactly time to
put your order in with the doc.

According to the report in The Daily Mail
on September 10th, the drug could be
available in 'three to four years' time'.

This is according to Dr Clive Page,
chairman of Verona Pharma, the
company which is developing the

That's a long time to wait around. And
even then, we all know what happens
when many of these wonder drugs don't
quite match up to the first expectations.

And they don't usually come cheap

So what can you do in the meantime?

Well, here's one thing you should
definitely look into something which
newspapers have been calling 'A new
hope for asthma sufferers'.

Check this out:

An easy drug-free trial that could offer

The salt pipe is an all-natural remedy for
asthma, hay fever, snoring, chronic
coughs and a host of breathing problems.

It's a small porcelain pipe that you
breathe through for 15 minutes each day.

Inside the pipe are 'halit salt crystals' from
the Transylvanian Praid Salt Mine in
Romania. This is a region that's long
been known for its healing salt therapy.

And it's not some crazy superstition

Just as holidays by the sea have long
been hailed in the UK as a way to ease
respiratory problems, so these salt mines
have helped many thousands of people
overcome breathing difficulties.

The mines are now luxurious clinical
health centres, visited by over 10,000
people every year.

So something's definitely working.

As you inhale through the saltpipe, the
air absorbs tiny salt particles. This helps
clean your air passages and cleans out
the impurities.

What's best about this little handheld
gizmo is that it's available to try out NOW.

You can test it at home and see for
yourself whether it works for you. The
manufacturers claim you'll notice the
effects within 2 weeks.

If not, you can send it back within 28 days
for a full refund. So it's well worth trying. It
could be the breakthrough you're looking

There's some superb background
information about the salt pipe here:

And here's something else that could

Common foods that help you breathe
more easily

A report in the medical journal Allergy in
June 2008 came up with a very pleasing
suggestion.... that eating delicious, hearty
Mediterranean food could relieve asthma

The study was carried out by a team at
the University of Porto in Portugal. They
looked closely at the diet of 174
asthmatics. They found that those who
ate large quantities of Mediterranean
foods had fewer attacks and flare-ups.

So what's a Mediterranean diet?

Well, this is generally presumed to be a
diet high in fish, fruit, vegetables and
nuts and low in saturated fats.

This is the principle diet in Crete, for
example. An estimated 80% of the
children there eat fresh fruit at least twice
a day. And over two-thirds of them eat
fresh vegetables, twice a day.

On that island, very few children have
asthma or hay fever.

The main fruits recommended by the
report's authors include oranges, apples,
tomatoes and grapes.

The study also found that asthmatics who
eat nuts at least three times a week are
less likely to wheeze. As well as vitamin
E, nuts also contain a lot of magnesium,
which helps boost your lung power.

The report concludes: 'High adherence to
a Mediterranean diet reduced by 78 per
cent the risk of uncontrolled asthma.'

That's a fairly ringing endorsement.

But there was something else in the
report that interested me...
What NEVER to eat if you're
asthmatic or allergic

The study found that children who ate
lots of margarine DOUBLED their
chances of asthma and allergic rhinitis
(which causes hay fever-like symptoms).

This backs up an Australian study from
2001. Those researchers also concluded
that a diet high in polyunsaturated fats -
found in many margarines - can double a
child's chances of having asthma.

In 2001, Dr Warren Lenney, a
spokesperson for the British Thoracic
Society (BTS), said:

'It would be sensible for parents to lessen
their children's intake of margarine and
foods regularly fried in polyunsaturated oil
as part of a diet rich in fruit and

I think this advice goes for adults too!

As always, more research needs to be
done to establish links and causes.

But whatever they discover in the coming
years, I'd advise that you give margarine
a wide berth. It's a synthetic food high in
trans fatty acids. A substance that many
critics claim that it can triple your risk of
coronary heart disease.

In 2006, Professor Marion Nestle, a
respected professor of Nutrition at New
York University wrote:

'All margarines are basically the same,
mixtures of soybean oil and food
additives. Everything else is theatre and

Michael Pollan, the author of In Defence
of Food
(Allen Lane, 2008) puts it even
more bluntly:

'The beauty of a processed food like
margarine is that it can be endlessly
reengineered to overcome even the most
embarrassing about-face in nutritional
thinking - including the real wincer that its
main ingredient might cause heart attacks
and cancer.'

So perhaps it's best avoided, then!
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