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Gotu Kola and cures for foot problems

25th May 2007

My friend Dan is an architectural historian. Last Saturday, he invited me to a bizarre event.

We learned how to build stuff out of mud.

Okay, so it's known in the trade as 'cob'. Or to you and me... 'What they used to build house out of in the olden days'.

The basic ingredients are water, mud and hay. You stand in a farmyard. You shovel. You trample. You shovel again. You slap it on.

We were taught by two artists who have spent the last 10 years making cob installations across the country, including the Eden project in Cornwall.

Being an academic, Dan had a good reason to be there. The other five people were either artists, academics, or people who happen to have cob houses.

'Why are you here?' the artist asked me, pleasantly.

I couldn't remember why I was there. It was raining, I looked like an old wally in my wellies. I was a home publisher who was never going to build with cob for real.

'I'm interested in the good life,' I said.

The only benefit I can think of is that, come the Apocalypse... the destruction of Western civilisation... the end of days... at least I will be able to rebuild my family house from mud.

Dan and I eventually helped build an outdoor armchair out of cob. At my suggestion, we inserted a wine holding slot.

'Now THAT'S the good life,' I said.

In truth, it was interesting to try the natural approach to building. And I felt like I was doing some proper OUTDOOR research for my newsletter for a change.

Not sure how it benefits you yet, but I'll work it out.

Now, onto some great news from my readers...
More uses for Guta Kola

A good lifer writes:
I have been treating my patients with Centella asiatica, (Guta Kola) for the past twelve years, mostly for Arthritis in all its forms. I have an 85 percent success rate.

I have used it to treat women who suffer from Cellullite In this case I use a pure extract of Centella asiatica, which my patients make into a tea.

Strangely enough one of my Swedish patients has cured her Rosecea, which covered parts of her face.

Doctors tell you there is no cure for this complaint....

In my own case, I have used it to cure what looked like Rosacea on my feet.

For years I had these itchy red blisters forming on my feet, after taking capsules of Gotu Kola for several months I discovered that I no longer had these blisters and the itching had ceased. Likewise my Athletes Foot too.

So that's a treatment for cellulite, Rosecea and Athlete's foot in one fell swoop!
By the way, if this means nothing to you and you missed my letter on the subject of Guta Kola, click here and read the issue straight off the website (the info you need is half way down):

4th May 2007

Okay, talking of foot problems...

Bazooka those verrucas? Nah...

Here's a weird little treatment you might want to try. It's the Verrucca gospel, according to one of my readers...

Thought you may like to know about a cure for verrucas that I have tried and it does work - DUCT TAPE.

I read an article in Sainsbury's magazine which said to cover verrucca with duct tape and rub away dried skin with an emery board once a week for a few weeks (can't remember how many).

I found that for verrucas on the toes (and my son had 2) it worked a treat - they were gone after 6 weeks. It didn't work so well on the sole of the foot - probably because I couldn't get the tape to stick long enough!

Anyway - given the cost of verruca treatments I thought you might like this one as it was amazingly cheap and no slower than conventional treatments.
Great stuff.
For fact fans, verrucas are actually warts on the foot, caused by an infection with a strain of the human papilloma virus.

Conventional treatments involve freezing them with liquid nitrogen, but why go through all that if there are natural remedies to try first?

Tea tree oil is well known for treating verrucas and warts on other parts the body.

Or try and rub the inside of a banana skin onto the verruca for a few minutes, two or three times a day.

You can also tape banana skin to your foot and leave it overnight.

Just don't forget that it's there in the morning... or there'll be MUCH Laurel and Hardy-style hilarity as you go skidding across the kitchen.

No, that's not funny. I'm sorry.

(Heh heh).

A warning about nettle tea

In regards to nettle tea, which I talked about recently, a reader wanted to remind me that nettles can drastically lower blood sugar levels.

She says: 'You should take care if you are on insulin! It's a good idea to add honey to the tea.'

This old sweet tooth likes to add honey to nettle tea anyway. And everything else for that matter.

I swear I get followed through Bristol by affronted bees...

Finally, a good resource for sufferers of MS

I've had a few emails recently asking about ways of living more comfortably with multiple sclerosis. It's something that I think is beyond the remit of a simple health newsletter like this, I'm afraid.

Remember, I'm not a doctor or medical practitioner. So for serious conditions please consult the professionals.

Here's a great website you should check out if you or someone in your family suffers from MS:


There's loads of information on here, and a special free 0800 helpline to ring with your questions.

Hope that helps.

Yours, as ever

Ray Collins
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