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Eyes, Mouth, Skin & Hair

Heres where to discover natural remedies for a host of problems, including psoriasis, eczema, skin problems, fungal foot problems, nail fungus, athletes foot, hair loss, baldness, mouth ulcer, gum disease, vision loss, macular degeneration, eye care, conjunctivitis, watery eyes and dry eyes.

Soothe your eyes with tomato and silver
1st September 2006

For some reason, Lara's taken a keen interest in The Good Life Letter recently. She stands behind my shoulder, humming… occasionally tutting… and pointing out spelling or grammatical mistakes. It's quite annoying. So this morning I used my favourite George Orwell quote. “Correct grammar is of no importance,” I declared, “so long as one makes one's meaning clear.” “Hmmm…” she folded her arms. “So what does Mr Orwell say about CHEATING?” “ ..

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How this old sod could help protect your eyesight
25th August 2006

Well today couldn't have started better… I was woken at seven in the morning by the sound of someone trying to break into our flat, I lost my car keys, and Lara had to pop to the doctor because of a stabbing pain in her left eye. Other than that, everything's fine. So, first things first, what happened to Lara? ---------------------------------------------------- The fastest prescription pad in the (south) West ------------------------------ ..

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Why Captain Kirk's ears are ringing
9th July 2006

Did you know that since 1997, Captain Kirk's ears have been ringing? And not because of his years spent in noisy battle with the Klingons… or from the many times the engine room of the Starship Enterprise exploded (who on earth employed Scottie?) No, it was because William Shatner, the actor who played him, suffers from tinnitus. This is a common and frustrating ailment, where you get a constant ringing in your ears that simply won't go away ..

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How to get rid of dandruff forever
4th March 2005

I once asked a doctor-friend of mine what the perfect cure for dandruff was. His answer? “Baldness.” Well, he was not wrong, I suppose. But I'm sure there are other ways to deal with this condition. In fact, I know it. Thanks to more of my painstaking research, I can now bring you the best ever ways to rid yourself of dandruff… forever! ---------------------------------------- What really causes dandruff ------------------------------------- ..

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Do you share my familys health problems...?
8th April 2005

“You've been out in the sun too long, Matt.” That's what I said to my eldest, Matt, last summer when he bundled into the house with the kid from next door. He'd been out in the garden, building a castle out of some mud and what appeared to be the contents of my stationery drawer. How does a 5 year old get to top drawers with such skill? Can they levitate? Anyway, he had this angry looking rash across his arms and stomach. Nothing too bad by th ..

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The dangers of spring cleaning
3 May 2005

You've probably seen ads like these... A housewife sits in her house, looking depressed. There's a wet dog in the kitchen and nasty cooking odours everywhere. Her home is so smelly that even the flowers on the window ledge have wilted. Then suddenly as if from nowhere a can of air freshener appears. A few strong blasts and all the colour returns to the house. Flowers spring to life. Children skip through the kitchen and all is well. Smili ..

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How the bark of an old tree can beat allergies
3 June 2005

I never learn. Over the bank holiday weekend we made the short trip up into the countryside to see friends, to walk the dog, and to get some fresh air into our lungs. And it wasn't long before my eyes were itching and the sneezing started. It always catches me by surprise. You see, I never used to get hay fever. I remember sitting outside on school field trips, looking at friends with red eyes and streaming noses and finding it quite funny... ..

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Are you straining to read this?
10 June 2005

You and I share something in common. And it's not just our devilishly good looks. Right now, we're both staring at a flickering computer screen. If you're like me, you do this every single day, sometimes for hours at a time .. . looking at websites . . . reading emails . . . writing documents . . . Computers are now very much part of our lives. But the mega-companies who produce computers are so keen on their multi-billion pound revenues, th ..

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What I learned about allergies
24 June 2005

The kids began their shrieking competition at 6am. . . I was late leaving the house because I couldn't find the car keys. (Matt, 5, had decided they would be safer tucked inside one of his shoes.) Then the car's air-conditioning packed in halfway along the M4. It was so hot I felt like sticking my head out of the window to get some air, like a dog. But despite it all, I made it to the Allergy Show on Saturday. The sunshine and muggy heat did ..

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The great bee debate
14th July 2006

At school I was always into a good debate. Possibly I liked the sound of my voice too much. Or possibly it was because I had a crush on Vicky Pritchard, who would come to the debating society at lunchtimes. One day we had debate about vegetarianism, and I was told to speak on the anti-veggie side. A girl who had once snubbed my advances was there, as well as Vicky Pritchard. At one point in my ill-informed, joke strewn speech, I declared tha ..

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